Elizabeth Wahl, M.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Wahl is an orthopaedic surgeon, fellowship trained in Orthopaedic Hand and Microsurgery. She specializes in hand and upper extremity orthopedics. Her interests include the treatment of hand, wrist, and elbow disorders and injuries, arthritis, tendon injuries, and nerve disorders. Dr. Wahl began practicing with Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists in 2022.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, Dr. Wahl went on to obtain her medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, Washington. She then completed her residency training in orthopedic surgery at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Following her residency, Dr. Wahl completed an Orthopaedic Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Outside of her work, Dr. Wahl enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband at the lakes and in the mountains. She enjoys skiing, running, cooking and spoiling the family dog.

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Hamilton College, Clinton, NY 2006-2010

Medical School

University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA 2012-2016


Orthopaedic Surgery, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 2016-2021


Orthopaedic Hand and Microsurgery, Washington University, St. Louis, MO 2021-2022

Professional Memberships

  • American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

  • MultiCare Deaconess Hospital
  • MultiCare Valley Hospital
  • Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
  • Providence Holy Family Hospital
  • The Orthopaedic Surgery Center

Medical Interests

  • Hand, Wrist and Elbow Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Nerve Disorders
  • Sports Injuries of the Hand, Wrist and Elbow
  • Traumatic Injuries of the Hand, Wrist and Elbow


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