Self-Pay Pricing

Pricing for Self-Pay Patients

At Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists, we believe exceptional orthopaedic care should be available to everyone, regardless of insurance. For those patients that want to pay directly for their care, we aim to provide pricing transparency: the price you see is your final price; no more surprise bills after you receive care. Below you will find pricing on our most common services. These prices are based on care received at NWOS Clinics and The NWOS Orthopaedic Surgery Center, and does not apply to care received at a hospital or other facility. If you need pricing on a service not listed here, please call our Billing Department at 509-340-0455.

Office Visits

These visits include a history and physical exam, an x-ray if needed, and a plan to get you feeling better. This is a SINGLE VISIT PACKAGE, and does not include follow up visits, fracture care, surgery, MRI, casting, or injections. These services can be purchased separately, if needed.

New Patient Visit $275
Established Patient/Follow Up Visit $175


*NWOS partners with Inland Imaging for the report of your MRI results. Please note that you will see an additional fee from Inland Imaging for the interpretation and report of your MRI. Our fees for MRIs have been reduced to account for this arrangement.

MRI with Contrast $600
MRI No Contrast $400
X-ray* $75
*Please note an X-ray is included (if needed) with all New Patient Visits

Physical and Occupational Therapy

These packages contain 3, 6, 9, or 12 therapy visits to treat your condition. All packages include an evaluation. The average visit is 45-60 minutes. The number of visits needed will depend on your individual needs. Please note these packages are nonrefundable so it’s very important to select the appropriate package. If you need help determining how many visits you will need, please contact us.

1 Evaluation or Treatment Visit $160
3 Visit Package $345
6 Visit Package $660
9 Visit Package $945
12 Visit Package $1200

Procedures & Injections

EKG $40
Zilretta (per Joint) $810
Euflexxa (per dose) $275
Synvisc-One (per Joint) $670
PRP, Unilateral $600
PRP, Bilateral $900
Angel PRP, Unilateral $800
Angel PRP, Bilateral $1,200
Steroid Injection (with or without Imaging Guidance), Unilateral $175
Steroid Injection (with or without Imaging Guidance), Bilateral $265
Joint Aspiration (with or without Imaging Guidance), Unilateral $175
Joint Aspiration (with or without Imaging Guidance), Bilateral $265
Iovera, Unilateral $1,000
Casting $160


Casting $160

Pain Management 

Epidural Steroid Injection - Caudal or Interlaminar $750
Transforaminal Epidural $950
Facet Injection $950
Sacroiliac Joint Injection $600
Nerve Destruction/RFA $1,720

Surgery at The NWOS Orthopaedic Surgery Center

*The prices below are applicable to surgeries performed at our Outpatient Orthopaedic Surgery Center, and do not apply to surgery performed at a hospital or other facility. Please note that depending on your individual medical needs, an outpatient setting may not be appropriate. 

Foot & Ankle

Bunion Repair - Basic $4,100
Bunion Repair - Complex $9,500
Achilles Tendon Repair $7,900
ACL with Allog $12,500
Great Toe Fusion Package $10,500
Remove Implant $2,900
Total Ankle Replacement $26,000

Hand, Wrist, & Elbow

Ulnar Nerve Decompression $2,800
Dupuytren Contracture $4,100
Carpal Tunnel Package $2,400
Trigger Finger Release $2,000
Remove Implant $2,900
Repair of Ruptured Tendon $6,400


Rotator Cuff $10,200
Shoulder Arthroscopy - Basic $4,400
Shoulder Arthroscopy - Complex $10,900
Shoulder Manipulation $2,000
Shoulder Repair, Open $10,200
Remove Implant $2,900
Repair of Ruptured Tendon $6,400


Knee Arthroscopy - Basic $4,100
Total Knee Replacement $26,000
Knee Repair, Open $8,000
Knee Manipulation $1,800
Iovera, Unilateral $1,000
Remove Implant $2,900


Hip Arthoscopy - Basic $7,100
Hip Repair, Arthroscopy, Complex $8,000
Total Hip Replacement $27,000
Remove Implant $2,900


Spinal Cord Stimulator, Trial $14,000
Spinal Cord Stimulator, Permanent $70,000
Spinal Decompression L1 $8,200