Culture & Perks

What is it like to work at NWOS?

At NWOS, we pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable and rewarding work environment. In addition to our comprehensive benefits offered, we strive to create an engaging company culture, complete with fun perks! We figure hard work is meant to be balanced with fun and freebies!

Below is a sampling of what makes the NWOS Culture what it is:

  • The 19 NWOS Fundamentals
  • Birthday & Anniversary Recognition
  • Milestone Anniversary Celebrations
  • Employee Appreciation Programs
  • Staff Engagement Activities
  • Annual Halloween Dress-Up & Competition
  • Annual Company Holiday Party
  • Additional Celebration & Prize Opportunities throughout the year
    • Opportunities to win local game tickets
  • A Company That Cares about Giving Back
    • Opportunities to Attend Local Non-Profit Events Sponsored by NWOS
    • Opportunities to Join in by Donating Within the Office to NWOS-Sponsored Causes, including 2nd Harvest, Vanessa Behan, and Tree of Sharing
  • Opportunity to Join one of the NWOS Bloomsday Corporate Cup Teams
  • Opportunities to Participate in and/or Volunteer at NWOS Events
  • Collaborative & Creative Team
  • Amazing Co-Workers that become your Friends & Family