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Patella Fracture (Broken Kneecap)

What is a Patella Fracture?

A patella fracture, or broken kneecap, is a crack or fracture of the patella, the bone on the front of the knee that covers the knee joint. The patella helps to protect the joint as well as provide strength and stability.

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“Awesome. He's so experienced. Put my worries aside. Love his honesty & sense of humor. Put my broken kneecap back together. Now just need to put my work in at PT. Thanks, Dr. Olson!” — Cheryl B.

“Upon falling, on my tile floor in the kitchen, I was in a great deal of pain. I had a broken kneecap. I was taken to the hospital immediately. They fixed me up with a brace and told me to go see Dr. Wallace the next morning. Still in pain, but certainly better, he told me what exactly was wrong. I appreciated his thoroughness in explaining it to me. I was set up for surgery, the next week. It has been 5 weeks since that first visit. I still need to see him again, so I am not finished. I have to admit, even due to the circumstances, my whole experience has been as positive as possible.” — M. Sharon M.