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Cartilage Repair

How is Knee Cartilage Repaired?

Cartilage repair is designed to treat and repair cartilage defects by regenerating the patient's own hyaline cartilage (a weight-bearing cartilage that lines the surface of the knee joint).

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Dr. Reichard was given glowing recommendations by several friends who recently underwent the same surgery I was facing, thus we received permission to reach beyond our medical system. My husband and I were immediately impressed upon meeting Dr. Reichard. He shook our hands firmly and looked directly into our eyes when speaking to us. He clearly explained the problem seen in his x-ray of my knee, taken from an angle showing degeneration of any protective tissue, thus the "bone on bone" scraping I felt along with my long-term swelling and pain. Dr. Reichard clearly explained his proposed surgical procedure and easily answered our questions. He spoke to the part I must play in successful recovery and rehabilitation. His confidence precipitated our trust. Throughout all aspects of surgery and healing he and his finely tuned staff have led us gracefully and gained our unmitigated respect.” — Carolyn H.