Mako SmartRobotics™

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System

The Stryker Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery system is a technology developed for joint replacement surgeries, and utilized in select cases by the knee specialists at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists for partial and total knee replacement surgeries. The technology allows your orthopedic surgeon to pre-plan your surgery using Mako’s software and then perform the operation with the assistance of the robotic arm to precisely remove bone and cartilage. 

Personalized surgical plan with Mako

The first step for robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery with the Mako robot is patient-specific surgical planning. Prior to surgery, a CT scan of your knee joint is taken in order to generate a 3D virtual model of your unique anatomy. The 3D model helps your doctor see things they can’t typically see with an x-ray alone. Your doctor uses this detailed model to evaluate your bone structure, disease severity, joint alignment and even the surrounding bone and tissue, so they can determine the optimal size, placement, and alignment of your implant.

Throughout the surgical procedure with Mako

During your knee replacement surgery, Mako provides real-time data to your surgeon, allowing them to continuously assess the movement and tension of your new joint, and adjust their surgical plan if desired. Throughout the procedure, your surgeon guides Mako’s robotic arm to remove the arthritic bone and cartilage from the knee. The Mako System creates a virtual boundary that provides tactile resistance to help your doctor stay within the boundaries defined in your surgical plan. With the diseased bone gone, your implant is placed into the knee joint. Then you're on your way to the recovery room to begin your journey to strengthening your new joint.

NWOS TOSC Mako System

Dr. Brett Mulawka with the Mako Robotic-Arm Surgery System at The Downtown Spokane Orthopaedic Surgery Center