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Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement

Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

At Northwest Orthopaedics Specialists, our goal is to help our patients find relief from knee pain through conservative methods when possible. When a surgical procedure is deemed necessary, NWOS is proud to offer the most innovative technology to our patients at our Ambulatory Orthopaedic Surgery Center. Robotic-Assisted Surgery Technology assists our surgeons in select partial and total knee replacement surgeries. These cutting-edge technologies take into account each person's unique anatomy for greater precision, faster recovery, and the best possible outcomes. 

What is Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement?

A robotic-assisted knee replacement is similar to a traditional knee replacement. Your specialized orthopedic surgeon removes damaged tissue in your knee and replaces it with an artificial joint. The difference is that it's done with assistance from a robotic technology system.

Robotic-assisted procedures allow for greater precision and can lead to shorter recovery times and even better results. In more complex cases, a robotic-assisted knee replacement offers a better balance in the soft tissues around your knee, and better aligns the joint.

Types of Robotic Assisted Knee Replacements

Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists has multiple cutting-edge robotic tools available:

The Mako and VELYS systems can be used in both partial knee replacement and total knee replacement surgeries. Each of these robotic systems are state of the art and advanced, and while they are used to get the same result, they do differ when planning and performing your knee replacement. Each of our specialized knee surgeons have their preferred tools, and it is their priority to create an ideal surgical plan for you specifically. Your surgeon will discuss all options available to you, including whether you are a good candidate for robotic-assisted joint replacement.

Mako Robotic Arm System for Knee Replacement Surgery

Mako Robotic-Arm Surgery System at NWOS Surgery Center

Who is a Candidate for Robotic Knee Replacement?

If you are a candidate for traditional partial or total knee replacement, it is likely you are a candidate for robotic-assisted knee replacement, as well. It is important that you talk with your doctor to see what surgical, or non-surgical, options are best to treat your knee pain.

Traditional vs. Robotic-Assisted Surgery for Knee Replacements

The Robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery is not performed by a robot alone. Instead, it acts as a guide, helping your surgeon follow the plan laid out in advance.

Like during traditional surgery, your orthopaedic surgeon is in complete control - they are simply utilizing the robot as an additional surgical tool to enhance their surgical skills during all stages of your surgery to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement Recovery Process

Robotic-assisted joint replacement enables surgeons to execute their surgical plans more accurately, which may potentially lead to a better and faster recovery. 

After your surgery, like with any procedure performed at The NWOS Orthopaedic Surgery Center, your orthopedic surgeon and the rest of your care team will monitor your progress, help to relieve discomfort, and chart a course for your recovery and physical therapy rehab.