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Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator Cuff Injuries

What are Rotator Cuff Injuries?

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that cover the head of the humerus and hold it in the shoulder socket. The cuff helps maintain joint stability while allowing the arm to lift and rotate. A tear of the rotator cuff can be painful and can interfere with shoulder movement. Four muscles make up the cuff: the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis muscles. When rotator cuff tendons become damaged, the shoulder can become stiff, sore or lose mobility. Injuries are often caused by direct damage, such as a traumatic fall or repetitive overhead motions. It can also develop because of indirect causes such as impingement or shoulder imbalance. 

Dr. VanderWilde Talks Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery


Dr. Anderson Talks Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

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"I am honored to have Dr. Russell VanderWilde as my orthopedic surgeon. He repaired the rotator cuffs on both of my shoulders. The repairs have gone well and I now have pain free shoulders again. But the thing I like the best about this doctor is his exceptional bedside manner. He is a kind, thoughtful and respectful human being and doctor to his patients. I have been a health care provider 55 years of my life, and this man stands out among the many doctors I have known personally and professionally. Thank you Dr. VanderWilde" — Shirley H.

“I really feel that Dr. Wallace was very thorough in his exam and questions regarding my injured shoulder. He answered all the questions I asked. I feel confident that he will repair my torn rotator cuff and help me get back to having normal use of my arm once again.” — Debbie A.

“Dr. Michael Kody has recently treated me for both a torn rotator cuff and a total right knee replacement. I truly appreciated his ability to communicate with me in terms that I could understand as well as his concern to keep my wife well informed as to what was about to happen and what we should expect. I am very pleased with the results of his surgeries and would highly recommend Dr. Michael Kody to anyone needing an Orthopaedic Specialist.” — Brian S.

“Three years ago, Dr. Ellingsen of Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists completed a surgical repair of my right shoulder. I guess 12 years of baseball and 44 years of softball had finally taken their toll. After throwing for as long as I had, first as a catcher and then as an outfielder, my right rotator cuff had completely disintegrated. Pre-surgical pictures of my shoulder reminded me very much of the shredded end of a nylon rope. Instead of just playing recreationally, I play very competitive senior softball". Even though I'm now competing with the 65 and over crowd, I'm not ready to give up my life-long pursuit just yet. With the help of Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists and their exceptional staff, maybe I've got a few good years left after all. THANKS!” — George Q.

Dr. Tycho Kersten performed rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder in May of 2010. The procedure was a complete success and I am back playing tennis and snow skiing. His staff and assistance were all very professional and friendly. Dr. Kersten’s manner and professionalism gave me complete confidence to have the surgery. Thank you to all of the medical personnel at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists for returning me to my active lifestyle.” — Thomas J.