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Biceps Tendon Rupture

What is a Biceps Tendon Rupture?

A biceps tendon rupture is a tear of one of the tendons that anchor the biceps muscle to the shoulder. The upper end of the biceps muscle is divided into two separate sections called the long head and the short head. The long head passes over the head of the humerus and attaches to the glenoid. The short head passes in front of the humerus and attaches to a bony protrusion, called the coracoid, on the shoulder blade.

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“I had a ruptured bicep repaired. The entire staff, from check in to check out, was outstanding, friendly, and professional. I had the same procedure done on the other arm 8 years ago by another doctor. Even though they did a great job, I could not compare the experience. Once again OUTSTANDING!” — Leonard R.