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Fracture of the Collarbone (Clavicle)

What is Fracture of the Collarbone?

A fracture of the collarbone occurs when a part of the clavicle, commonly called the collarbone, is fractured. A broken collarbone is fairly common and occurs most frequently in children and athletes.

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“I broke my collarbone in an off-road motorcycle accident. I was referred to Dr. Wallace by my primary care physician. Dr. Wallace took the time to repair my broken collar bone promptly. He also followed up with me after the surgery to ensure that I was healing properly. Today, less than one year after the incident, I rarely think about the injury. I have full mobility of the injured area—no pain—and I have no limitations in my activity. I had a wonderful downhill skiing season this past winter. Thanks, Dr. Wallace, for fixing me up!” — Craig K.

“My mother, Ruth, is 92 years old. She fell on Thanksgiving and fractured her collarbone. She went to the ER and they determined she could go home, following their rehab instructions and doing a follow up with Dr. Wallace at your office in 2 weeks. Our family and the nursing staff where she lives worked with her and she followed everyone's instructions very well. Dr. Wallace did x-rays and tested her strength and agreed that she was recovering well. He was very gentle and caring with her, which we really appreciated. She is a very sweet woman, but does suffer from dementia and gets confused when questioned. We are always grateful when medical personnel are compassionate as Dr. Wallace was. She went back for a final follow up in January and since the healing process went well and she has not had any pain, we don't need to return. (Unless that changes of course.) Anything medical personnel (including receptionist, nurses and doctors) can do to humanize the experience and not treat patients like an income producing number is always noticed and appreciated by our family.” — Billie M. POA Ruth Y.

“I had a very painful broken clavicle due to a horseback riding accident on May 10th. Coincidentally, I had already had an appointment scheduled for May 12th to evaluate an issue I already had with my shoulder. After the accident, I called the office on the morning of my appointment as I was in soooo much pain. Stephanie, the scheduler, listened to me and sensed my discomfort and got me into an early morning appointment. (I had suffered the weekend in indescribable pain.) Although I was not scheduled to see Dr. Kody, he immediately came into the room and said that my break was one of the worst he had seen, (thus validating that I was miserable all weekend), and said, 'You'll be having surgery Wednesday.' I was so relieved that the pain I was experiencing really was a big issue. Two days later, I had my surgery. My clavicle had been broken in half, and then the one half in seven pieces. During the surgery, Dr. Kody was also able to attend to my original problem with the acromion. A titanium plate and 15 screws later, I went home. I went back the following day and received a second nerve block because of the pain, which I wouldn't have known was a possibility had the anesthesiologist not told me. I remained in a shoulder brace for six weeks and am now in physical therapy with a wonderful physical therapist recommended by PA Bob Wood. While it has been a painful ordeal, I felt that I had the best care possible. Eight weeks later, the scar is not even visible! Amazing! I am still recovering, but with confidence that I had the absolute best care possible. My husband is scheduled for a knee replacement with Dr. Kody in August, and we are both so happy that we have Dr. Kody to do this procedure and the rest of the Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists staff to look after us. I can't even begin to describe how much we appreciate the ability to have such a professional, caring, dedicated, and excellent physician and staff.” — Theresa E.