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Throwing Injuries of the Elbow

What are Common Injuries to the Elbow from Throwing?

Repetitive throwing places severe stress on the elbow joint. The throwing motion stretches the tendons and ligaments on the inner side of the elbow and compresses the structures on the outer side. These forces can damage tissue and bone, especially in young athletes whose bones have not fully matured.

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“After suffering a severe hyperextension of my left elbow in October 2013, I was fortunate to be finally referred to Dr. Janout. March 3, 2014, we were finally able to do the surgery to resolve the bone spurs and arthritic problems. The pain relief was immediate. Within a day, I could realize a great reduction in pain and within a week, I was already regaining some range of motion. I am very fortunate to have had this life changing surgery and hopefully, will very soon be able to return to my job as a truck driver.” — William N.