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The Active Lifestyles of NWOS Doctors

Get to know Dr. Kohring, Dr. Mulawka, Dr. Soto, and Dr. Stewart

Being active and experiencing the joy that life offers is difficult when dealing with mobility problems and pain. Dedicated NWOS providers diagnose, treat, and improve the body’s orthopedic function of joints and support structure to restore the patient’s mobility for an active life. This month, we’re sharing a bit about the activities of recent additions to the team. 

northwest orthpaedic specialists dr kohring bikingDr. Jessica Kohring

Dr. Kohring is a fellowship-trained foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon. She sees NWOS patients at our Spokane Valley, Downtown, and South Hill clinics. She bases her experience in caring for foot and ankle conditions on her belief that the human body is best experienced on the move, which is reflected in her patient care and her own life.

Mobility is Everything to Dr. Kohring

Dr. Kohring is an avid mountain biker, runner, hiker, and skier. She enjoys the outdoors regardless of the season and loves the physical challenges of negotiating a single-track downhill, a trail run where she can gaze at mountain scenery, or the thrill of powder as she skis through the trees. She finds as much joy in her outdoor pursuits as she does in keeping patients participating in the activities they love.

With her patients, Dr. Kohring works to heal and enhance foot and ankle range of motion, comfort, and stability, so no matter what their interests or physical abilities, they achieve their best performance possible. Nothing would please Dr. Kohring more than seeing a patient on a bike ride, trail run, or a snowy mountain slope and challenging them to a race. She may even let them win!

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northwest orthpaedic specialists dr mulawka family 1cDr. Brett Mulawka

Dr. Mulawka is an orthopedic surgeon focusing on hip and knee trauma and replacement. He was fellowship-trained at Harvard and sees NWOS patients at our North Spokane clinic.

A love for outdoor experiences enhances Dr. Mulawka’s care as a surgeon, where he focuses on improving the function and comfort of the hips and knees. His work enables patients to stand, walk, run, cycle, and even climb mountains — achieving the level of activity most appropriate for their lifestyle.

Enjoying the Region’s Activities

Living in Spokane, Dr. Mulawka understands the impact the body’s hips and knees endure when running Bloomsday, playing in Hoopfest, powering up Beacon Hill bike trails, walking the Centennial Trail, or a hiking rocky path in the Selkirk mountains.

Dr. Mulawka is an avid mountain biker, hiker, and skier, which keeps himself and his family active no matter the weather or topography. His favorite activity is hiking because it encompasses a wide range of mobility challenges. Whether close to home on an easy afternoon hike up Mt. Spokane, a difficult backcountry trip, or a climb up a peak in nearby mountains, Dr. Mulawka knows that well-functioning hips and knees make outdoor activities like this possible.

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northwest orthpaedic specialists dr soto fishing 2Dr. Patrick Soto

Dr. Soto is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, specializing in diagnosing and treating spine conditions using advanced pain management techniques. He has a passion for fishing, skiing, being outdoors, and spending quality time with his friends and family. Dr. Soto spends his favorite weekends fishing for walleye on Lake Roosevelt or trying to outsmart an 8-pound bass on Long Lake.

Embracing a Pain-free Life, Hook, Line & Sinker

His experience caring for spinal injuries, degenerative disease, and the associated pain is always focused on improving his patient’s quality of life. The spine is the core of everything we do, and improving its function is critical for everyone, whether working in an office, teeing off on a challenging par 5, skiing, or reeling in a trophy walleye. Yes, you knew this had to come back to fishing, right?

His patients enjoy Dr. Soto’s kind and understanding bedside manner, where he shares advanced pain management techniques to restore comfort and mobility. At your appointment, don’t be surprised if he asks you about your favorite fishing spot. He’s determined to make his next fishing trip as successful as his practice.

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northwest orthpaedic specialists dr stewart skiing bDr. Robert Stewart

Dr. Stewart, a fellowship-trained orthopedic trauma and sports medicine surgeon, sees patients in our downtown Spokane office. He treats fractures and injuries using the most advanced techniques. Dr. Stewart helps his patients regain activity to live life to the fullest.

There’s No Age Limit to Healing Traumatic Injuries

Active people of all ages experience challenging injuries requiring complex treatment. Dr. Stewart’s extensive training, combined with his understanding and compassionate bedside manner, provides patients with exceptional care, especially regarding their participation in sports and physical activities.

Patients dealing with sports injuries or trauma fractures find Dr. Stewart to be an experienced healing partner — one who appreciates life’s joys and challenges of raising a family, being active with friends, and enjoying many of the Inland Northwest’s outdoor activities. When he’s not treating patients in the clinic or surgery center, Dr. Stewart enjoys skiing, bicycling, and boating. He encourages his entire family to be involved, sometimes literally dragging his young son behind him on ski adventures.

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