Patient Story 576

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"In the course of my work duties in December 2010, I sustained an injury to my right shoulder. That injury ultimately required surgery to repair a damaged rotator cuff. Over the next two years, I spent more time in the offices and operating room at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists than I would've ever imagined. While recovering in rehab from the initial surgery to my right shoulder, I sustained injury to my other (left) shoulder. It was later determined that this injury would also require surgery. Michael H. Kody, M.D., and his dedicated staff performed both surgeries with 100% success.

"After experiencing such extraordinary care and positive outcomes, I decided it would be a great time to also address other physical issues that had been bothering me for the past couple of years. Dr. Henry H. Lin, M.D., along with his staff, performed surgery to both wrists for carpal tunnel. Those two surgeries resulted in very successful outcomes.

"My experience with doctors at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists is not limited to these two fine doctors. In 2004, Mark C. Olson, M.D., performed surgery to my knee, and in 1980, Alan R. Danielson, M.D., performed surgery on my lower back for a ruptured disc. These two surgeries were equally as successful with no short- or long-term issues. My experiences with each doctor and every staff member has been nothing short of exceptional." --William B.