Patient Story 413

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"Dr. Treloar gave me a new left knee three years ago. I had gimped around on a bad knee for 40 years from a skiing accident when I was young and stupid. Dr. Treloar was a joy, and the new knee gave me back my life. The only time it troubles me is when I trouble it by trying to crawl on my knees in the flowerbeds. I would never consider anyone else to do knee surgery.

"One of the staff members told me they call Dr. Treloar a lovable old bear. That so totally describes who he is. He has to be one of the most beloved doctors in all of Spokane.

"The surgery and the recovery were a piece of cake. Dr. Lin gave me my left hand back a year ago. He removed two little bones and replaced them with a tendon from my arm. I can do anything I did when younger now with my left hand. Since I am left-handed, this was a huge improvement. Before the surgery, I could not even write my name. It was a quick recovery, and I am so glad I did it. Dr. Lin is much more reserved than Dr. Treloar, but after he gets used to you, he has a wonderful sense of humor and is also a joy to interact with.

"I would never consider going anywhere other than Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists for any replacement parts. The environment and the staff are just plain excellent in every respect." --Marjorie B.

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