Patient Story 1141

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"The appointment was very smooth from the time of check in to the time of check out.  I was amazed at how quickly Dr. Sestero was in the room to examine me and then sent for X-rays. By the time I got back to the exam room, he was there looking at the images!  I work in a cardiology office and wonder how we can make the workflow go as smooth!  I was especially impressed by the quick call back from the nurse the following morning after I placed a call.  I was having excruciating pain in my hand after having a steroid injection at the appointment.  I knew there would be pain, but I had no idea it would be that bad.  The nurse provided reassurance that this was cortisone "flare" and that it would go away.  She gave me helpful hints to help ease the discomfort and by the end of that day I was doing much better. Thank you!" -- Diane B.

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