Patient Story 1124

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"I saw Dr. Lin on a Wednesday, May 1st. I was no longer able to do anything with my left thumb.  Dr. Lin gave me some options and said he felt like he could fix my thumb.  He asked me when I would like to do the surgery.  I asked if he had an opening that afternoon (I was kind of joking) and then said as soon as you can fit me in. That Friday morning, he found a spot for me. From talking to the nurses later, I believe he made an opening by coming to work earlier. I will never forget that kindness.

The physical therapy people told me it would be a year before I would truly be happy with my thumb. It is October, and I have been doing everything I want to do already. I attribute the quick recovery to Dr. Lin's skill. Thank you Dr. Lin, and Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists." -- Done P.

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