Patient Story 1103

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"I fell and sustained a twist fracture in my left fibula and tore a ligament in my ankle on August 9, 2012.  Dr. Olson operated and put a plate in my fibula and I recovered well. I was even able to enter the 2012/2013 recreational ski season.  I gained strength during the season and, alas, had good run in Vail, CO.  I was skiing with my son during a mom's weekend at University of Denver where he attends school.  I broke the same fibula, above the plate I had in it.  I also had a twist fracture and broke my tibia in four places.  The fibula plate was removed and a rod and screws were put into my tibia at Vail Valley Medical Center.  Dr. Olsen took me back under his care and I felt welcomed and safe at home.  He is a fantastic surgeon and caregiver in my opinion.  This second injury has been a more painful. It has also been a longer and more difficult recovery.  For a tough injury, I have been having a good recovery, regaining strength and returning to many of my sports.  My bicycling is back in full force, swimming is strong, weights are good now and walking is returning.  I am beginning to hike again as well.  I hope to get back to running but I haven't been able to try it yet.  Pain and weakness still limit me.   This was a crazy year for my left leg.  I do plan to ski again and look forward to the snow flying."  :) --  Judy H.

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