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"Many years ago, I had a ruptured disc in my lower back. The pain was very bad, and I could not move without severe and very sharp pain. My wife had been a nurse and knew of Dr. John Shuster and his reputation in treating back injuries. I visited him in his office, and after his determination that I needed to have the disc repaired with surgery, he set the time and told me I could return home. One problem, I could not bend over to put my shoes on. I told Dr. Shuster what my problem was, and he immediately dropped to his knees and put my shoes on for me. That act of kindness touched my heart.

"The surgery was successful, and I have been able to get along fine since then. More recently I have needed treatment in my hands and wrists as arthritis has begun to take it's toll. Another visit with NWOS has helped me greatly and convinced me that your doctors and staff are still very kind and helpful. This last visit with Dr. Anderson was very pleasant, and I will look to him should I have any more problems with arthritis in my joints. Thank you." --Harold K.

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