Patient Story 1086

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"My wife had a hip and knee replacement by Dr. Danielson so .i already knew the fine care and professionalism from Dr. Danielson. I choose him specifically because of that for my total knee replacement in April 2013, 5 months ago We work among tribal people in remote areas of Asia. 6 weeks after my surgery I drove from Spokane to Greenville SC--a distance of over 2600 miles. During the next 3 weeks we drove to/from several speaking engagements in the SE US.

July 3rd-20th I flew from Greenville SC to Beijing/Xian/Harbin China and back to fufill mission obligations. We drove again across the US to Spokane, and my wife and I flew out of Portland OR to Hong Kong on August 28th. Yesterday, (September 10, 2013) I left Hong Kong and presently am writing this on my way to Surallah, Mindanao Philippines where in a few hours I will be in the mountain areas among the tribal villages where we are building several churches.
The travel speaks for itself. Driving over 5000 miles, flying internationally over 24,000 miles, and walking many miles all within 5 months of a total knee replacement--with not one problem--says Dr. Danielson and his staff did a suberp job!" --Dave R.