Patient Story 1081

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"I had just returned from a month away helping a friend move her ranch.  It was a vast undertaking. I was home less than two weeks and fractured my leg.  I wish I had known it was a fracture when I refused to get a pain shot from the ER.  I thought for sure I had messed up cartilage and felt there was no honor in a pain shot for some thing so minor.Dr. Keeve’s staff saw me very quickly. They were excellent and comforting.  I was scheduled for the needed MRI.  I was gratified to learn that I didn't have to get shoved in the "Tube of Death" and could have the alternative.  I got to sit in a very comfy chair with pillows under either arm and look at magazines while my damaged leg was in the MRI machine.  The staff was so nice and sweet. 

I had to get up and running to be able to carry my share on the ranch, so I was very careful to do what the doctor ordered. I don't do couch potato well.  As I have not been able to lift more than ten pounds, I have become a "drag queen".  Doing what I have been told to do has given me a huge payoff.  It has been about five weeks and the pain is gone. I am up and running on my ranch again.  I can spend all the time I want with my horses. I would HIGHLY recommend Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists to anyone. They have great care & very caring.  I knew I had the best team working for me." -- Michele R.

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