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On 1-11-2017 I had an office visit with Todd Ostlie PA regarding my long term chronic problem with bone spurs in both of my heels. Current X-Rays were taken, followed by detailed discussion with Todd as we examined the X-Rays. I appreciate Todd's candor and expert advice regarding elective surgery to repair the bone spur in my left heel and the expected recovery afterwards. After considering my options, I called Julie the next day and scheduled surgery with Dr Padrta for March 28 with an office visit with him during the week prior to surgery. I have had two knee surgeries years ago at NWOS (Dr Kody), and both surgeries resulted in a great improvement. My experiences then with NWOS were both excellent, and this latest experience regarding my bone spurs was also excellent. I REALLY appreciate the kind, professional care that was provided to me by Todd Ostlie and the staff at NWOS! Thank you so much!

Michale S.
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