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"My experience with Soren Olson was amazing. The care I received from Dr. Olson and staff was nothing less than amazing. 
April 4, 2015 I suffered  a major injury, while vacationing in Newport, Oregon. I fell from my fifth wheel trailer, seriously breaking my right shoulder and  my right leg. My husband transported me to the hospital in Newport, where the doctor refused to treat me, due to the fact they said they couldn't fix me. They wouldn't transport me to Spokane either. My husband had to secure a private transport company to bring me to Sacred Heart.
Dr. Olson was there when we arrived, and performed surgeries and has cared for me up until November 7, 2016. I cannot say enough regarding the high quality of care I have received during this time. I would recommend Dr. Olson to any one seeking an orthopaedic doctor." – Shirley J.

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