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"I was in a traumatic motorcycle accident where I smashed my right tibia plateau pretty darn well along with other injuries. Dr. Olson and his PA Tiffany F. were part of the group of doctors that saved my life and my leg. There were many many discussions with different doctors on whether to try and keep my leg or amputate. When I do something I do it good. Grinning. I was told that because I was a fighter (see I died and they had some difficulty in keeping me in a coma) that they decided to give it a shot in saving my leg....I'm sure there were other medical deciding factors too. Well I've got to say so far so good. I've still got a few more surgeries to do before its all said and done, but as far as I'm concerned Dr. Soren Olson and Tiffany F. are amazing and I couldn't ask for anyone else that I would rather have. 1) I'm walking again...with help most of the time...but still I'm on two feet, 2) my nerves are regenerating and feeling...though very returning, 3) when I saw the crash coming I didn't expect to live and if I did live I didn't expect to ever walk again. I knew it was going to be real bad. To me Dr. Soren Olson and Tiffany have changed my life and they changed it for the better. I will forever be in their debt. I can never express enough my utmost gratitude to them and to Dr. Soren Olson in particular. My family and friends is very very large and in the beginning I know it was very overwhelming and difficult at times...they handled my family and friends extremely professionally and for that I thank them. They did not take it personally when certain people made it difficult. That alone they deserve an award of some kind. Grinning. Oh and I LOVE my scars...they did a great job on minimizing them as best they could. If you haven't noticed yet...I'm super proud of Dr. Soren Olson and Tiffany F." – Erika L.  

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