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"Dr. Tohmeh and Staff

Just thought I would catch you up on my wonderful life since my surgery in 2012.  As you know I could barely walk before surgery, but within 10 months I was jumping out of a plane.

Well that was three years ago, and life has gotten even better. In 2013 I was able to go to Costa Rica for 10 days, really knocked off my bucket list there: had breakfast with this huge iguana every morning, zip-lined through the jungle, repelled down cliffs and swung across rivers, went kayaking and snorkeling in the ocean, horseback riding, shooting the rapids on inner tubes, boating in the river with alligators and screaming monkeys, hiking the rainforest, and riding scooters. Reminds me of the book by Dr. Seuss “Oh the places you’ll go.” And oh, everything I saw and experienced, the culture, the people, the food, nature and all it’s glory from the sea to the sky.

That was also the year I started snow shoeing. What a hoot, we have so many beautiful places to go in Washington. After the snow melted in spring of 2014, it was time to try kayaking. What a peaceful experience—liked it so much I bought my own kayak and haven’t stopped exploring since. Started fishing again: I had missed doing that. I also started competing in runs: the Susan B. Komen and Sprinkler Run in Las Vegas, and the RAD and Slime runs here in Spokane. And I already signed up for the Bubble Run in 2016.

Spring 2015 I started hiking again—saw the Rocks of Sharon up on Mica Peak, checked out Deep Creek canyon, hiked miles of trails, and started training for Mt. Abercrombie and maybe even Mt. Rainier next year.

The beginning of October I signed up to be a volunteer at the Chinese Lantern Festival once a week as a guide/security guard/ambassador.  

Well there it is, Doc, you saved my life in so many ways. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Love to all." -- Sharon L.

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