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"I have both knees that needed to be replaced. Dr. Keeve decided on my left knee to replace. All went fine at the doctors office. The staff treated me very kindly and listened to me. I went to the two hour class for knee replacement one week before surgery at Valley General Hospital. This class proved to be very informative to me. The day of surgery I arrived at the hospital and was treated excellent by the staff. I was admitted and went into surgery a few hours later. Surgery went well without complications. My recovery went well and I was monitored until I could go to my room. I spent two nights in the hospital and was released on the third morning after surgery. As of today, it has been seven weeks since surgery.  Once, I was at home I did two weeks of physical therapy and improved enough to walk on my own after eight days.  Not a walker nor a cane did I need.  I am doing great.  I still have some lingering pain in the knee but, the range of motion is getting better day by day. I am still going to physical therapy twice a week, but I am sure that will stop soon. I am looking forward to a much better life of being pain free and being able to hike, etc. I may wait and see if the right knee will need surgery or if just doing one leg may be enough. I will trust what Dr. Keeve decides." -- Judi W.

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