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"Fifteen years ago, I had a life altering, one vehicle, auto accident, in which, most of my lower extremities were broken. I was the driver, middle of the day, middle of June. After a series of multiple surgeries to both of my ankles, Dr. Padrta suggested that I would benefit from an ankle replacement for my left ankle. It has indeed brought back a lot of the function, mobility, etc. and along with a small dosage of medicine, has given me great pain relief. A huge accomplishment for me was re-learning to walk up and down the stairs, one foot at a time rather than having to two-step them.

However, the biggest and most difficult "goal" for me by far, was training to "walk" Bloomsday, 9 months after my ankle replacement. I did finish the race, albeit, in last place, BUT, I did it and was so proud!! Thank you to Dr. Padrta & ALL his staff for guiding and encouraging me along the way, into the life of mobility that I now have. I am truly grateful." -- Sue Q.

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