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"The last day of February 2014, in sunny California, I fell landing on my left elbow and smashing it. The ER in California put it back into alignment and instructed me to have elbow surgery within the week.  A phone call to Dr. Lynch and his girl Marcie at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists in Spokane got me in touch with an excellent elbow surgeon, Dr. Mark Olson. After quickly driving to Spokane, Dr. Olson kindly saw me, arranged surgery for the following day, and did an incredible surgery. Four hours, 3 plates, and 20 screws later, my elbow began to heal. Dr. Olson, his office assistant, Sheri, and his entire staff are so intelligent, very kind, and caring. It was indeed a blessing to have Dr. Olson as my surgeon. What could have been a useless left arm is now, nearly four months later, almost good as new and improves daily.  How very blessed I was to have Dr. Olson as my elbow surgeon. Many thanks." -- Mary F.

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