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"I suffered an ankle injury in April of 2013, and was referred to Dr. Shirzad in the fall.  I had ankle surgery on March 28, 2014.  Dr. Shirzad, his nurses, and assistant, Kayla, are quite frankly the best team I have ever had. Dr. Shirzad has a quiet manner, is always patiently listening, and answering the long list of questions I bring to each appointment. I've never had a doctor be so thorough in explaining what "we" are going to be doing. He made sure my needs were attended to during the surgery, and in the follow up, especially given the fact I live alone. Kayla has been exceptional in working with the doctor and my company, to facilitate all the paperwork that it takes when an employee goes out and then returns from a medical leave. I'm facing a long road of recovery for my ankle and some other parts, like my knee and my back. So I guess I'll be a frequent customer!" -- David R.

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