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"My orthopaedic saga began on April 19, 2012 when my husband and I were up in Sandpoint, Idaho, to ride our horses with some great friends at a Pat Wyse clinic. I have ridden horses most of my life and my gelding, Tex, is very well trained. His attitude and temperament are exemplary. So what took place was a total surprise to everyone. Tex and I entered the arena and all was copasetic when all of a sudden, Tex reared up and flipped over backwards. At his most vertical position, I came off and landed on the ground. I looked up and all I saw was two bay buns coming down at me. Onlookers reported that he tried everything possible to not land on me. Lucky for me, he came down next to me with only minimal weight on my left leg.

When I tried to move out of his way in case he struggled, I discovered that I could not move my legs. A bit of panic set in but my main concern was still for my horse, who was fine. The folks at the arena called 9-1-1. The local fire department responded and I was taken to the hospital in Sandpoint. It wasn’t long before my husband made the determination that Med Star needed to be launched. Med Star flew me to Sacred Heart, where I underwent lots of evaluations. At this point, I was introduced to Dr. Soren Olson, whom I now call my miracle worker.  After a couple of days of waiting due to a spot of pneumonia on my lung, Dr. Olsen performed the surgery by stabilizing my hips and pelvis with hardware. Everyone, including me, was very impressed with his willingness to take the time to explain things before the surgery. Talk about a great bedside manner! I placed my trust in the doctor and his expertise. Therefore, for me, the possibilities were and still are limitless. With careful follow up with Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists and adhering to Dr. Olson’s instructions, I continue to do what I thoroughly enjoy, riding our horses." -- Kathie N.

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