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"My experience with Dr. Weigel has been wonderful. He explains everything to you in such a manner that you have complete faith and confidence in him, and what he wants to do as far as treatment. I have been to him several times and although I have had to come back, he is always patient and has not given up on me in solving my pain.This all started 2 years ago when I fell in front of church the Sunday before Christmas. I was getting out of our van when my foot hit the ground on a patch of ice. I shot out of the van, slamming my lower back, and then hitting full force on the left side of my neck. What a graceful entrance in front of church and a lot of people!  Within a couple of months, I knew I had a real problem and was recommended to Dr. Weigel. He has been an angel, trying to help me with the very limited movement I now have in my neck, and the pain that goes along with it.  Each time I see him, it does get better. My next visit will most likely put a stop to it for a long time, with the procedure he wants to do. I would highly recommend him to anyone and I have!  I also have to say that the nurse who gets you ready for your procedure is a peach! She has a personality and puts you at ease for your procedure.  

OH my picture?  That is my grandson just home from Iraq. He was awarded a quilt made by me and other ladies of our Grange, for his courage and what he is willing to do for our country to help others. I was so proud to be given the honor of giving this to him at his wedding reception. He's my hero!!" -- Gloria B.

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