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"My accident occurred on July 17, at Coeur D Lane Park. I fell on my left shoulder with all my weight, resulting in a proximal humerus fracture. The Comments from that doctor were that I had many loose bones, very severe and advised me to get a good surgeon. I was able to get a referral from my primary physician to Northwest Orthopaedic Specialist’s Dr. Chris Anderson. He was able to operate, placing a strap with 10 screws to hold the shoulder on July 17. The first operation did not hold and the screws came loose after two weeks. I had a good discussion with Dr. Anderson and he advised a reverse shoulder replacement. The operation on August 8 was very   successful and the results are acceptable shoulder motion. Physical therapy by Steve Allen started Sept. 17 and continued until Dec. 23. I was able to go south in our trailer on Jan. 1. It was AMAZING, and we enjoyed three months of sunshine. I highly recommend the staff in all aspects of my two operations and care from Dr. Anderson and his associates. My present range of motion, considering the complex injury of my shoulder, is above my expectations on July 17." -- Pat O.

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