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"I was sent to another doctor to get a cortisone shot after she looked at my x-ray. I was also told that I would need a new shoulder, after the second shot, which lasted only 4 days. I returned and that’s when she informed me that she was going to send me to another doctor up in Colville because due to a non-compete clause, he could not due surgery in Spokane. I informed my primary care doctor and was told by her that there was no way I was going to Colville for surgery and she would let me know when she found a surgeon to do the surgery.
I was notified that I would be going to Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists in the Spokane Valley and the surgeon would be Dr. McDonald. Well let me tell you that I was sure glad for the changed. The reception and care by the whole office staff can be described as SUPERIOR and Dr. McDonald to me is in a class all his own.
Since my surgery, I have had 5 people from my church ask me who did the surgery and could not believe I was up and around after only 4 days from surgery with no pain what so ever.  This was just two days after surgery. The care at Valley Hospital was also excellent and the nurses were very attentive. Everybody’s concern on scale of 1 to 10 in my book gets a 10 plus. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH and I will see you on March 24th." -- William B.

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