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"I was scheduled for an appointment October 30, 2013 with Dr. Wallace for serious shoulder problems. I also needed to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tohmeh for lower back issues. My insurance company was dropping my insurance as of January 01, 2014, and because I was only 63 and on disability. In my county, there were no providers for a Medigap policy for 2014. Knowing that it takes time to schedule surgery, I hopelessly felt I would have to live with the pain until 2015, when I was eligible for a Medigap policy. As I explained the problems to Dr. Wallace, he called in Dr. Tohmeh to visit with me, and saved me another appointment and a 260-mile trip. Along with that, he and his staff scheduled me for surgery on New Years Day meaning I would have insurance to cover the cost of the badly needed surgery on my shoulder. I am indebted to Dr. Wallace and Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists for being the most efficient and caring staff I have ever worked with." -- Linda D.

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