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"I hiked to the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment yesterday, walked on the beach, climbed stairs, and window-shopped in the tourist town we visited.  Each step of the way was full of gratitude, because up until three months ago, I couldn't do any of those things. Thanks to my new left hip, I have my life back and am once again enjoying an active lifestyle. I had been in such pain, needing crutches or a cane to walk, and was deeply depressed. Every movement hurt, sleep was impossible, and I sat at home while family and friends worked and played without me. The decision to replace the damaged hip was easy, especially since I have the utmost trust and respect for Dr. Keeve. The process was explained in detail, all my questions answered, and I was comfortable headed into the surgery.
When I awoke, the pain in the joint was gone. I experienced a little incision pain and some numbness in my thigh for a while. Physical therapy got me active and on the right track to regain muscle and strength that had been lost due to my inactivity. 
So, here I am, doing the things I could not do just a few months ago, and appreciating life like never before. Thank you, Jon, Joan, Eve, and the rest of the crew, for my walk on the beach, my hike through the woods to the lighthouse, and my silly shopping trip, but mostly for giving me my life back." -- Jana T.

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