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"Early in 2012, I mentioned to my family doctor how my hands were becoming so painful and it was actually limiting my active lifestyle and interrupting my sleep. He referred me to Dr. Horn, who began steroid injections to the CMC joints of both hands. After several injections to both joints, we discussed the option of CMC joint reconstruction. The pain was unremitting by that time and we scheduled surgery on my left wrist for the end of August 2013. By the time I was six weeks post-op, my wrist felt so much better. There was no question in my mind I would have the right wrist done as well. At the twelve-week check-up, I discussed it with Dr. Horn and we agreed the surgery for the right wrist was a go. I had CMC joint reconstruction on the right hand early in December and was up and running, with restrictions, by Christmas.

I just had my last follow-up with Dr. Horn and we both agree these surgeries were a huge success. If I get carried away, my wrists let me know and I back down on my activity level, but I'm working in my yard, doing yoga, carrying heavy loads, and enjoying such small tasks as simply opening a jar or tying my shoes. Gripping, pinching, and grasping are all easily accomplished now. I rarely wake at night due to arthritis pain in my hands & wrists. I couldn't be happier. Dr. Horn and Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists did a wonderful job for me. Everyone was caring and attentive to my needs, and made my experience an excellent one. Thanks Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists and thank you, Paul Horn." -- Jan S.

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