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"I cannot thank Dr. Reichard and his staff enough, for giving me back my legs. In every aspect of my experience from start to finish, the staff went over and beyond what I would have expected. They catered to my needs. You see, starting in 2010, after 3 full years of care giving for a total bed patient father and then followed by my mother 4 months of a rapid cancer, which put her into a wheel chair, my hips gave out on me. Both of them!
I blame that on an old right knee injury. I subconsciously compensated how I walked or moved. Over the years, I believe it took a toll on my hips. Consequently, I had arthritis in both hips. I got so bad that I ended up having to use two canes, but progressed to a walker that I had to lean over onto to relieve the weight off of my hips. I still walked 2-4 miles a day prior to surgery up a grade that went from 2000 to 4000 ft elevation. That kept me out of a wheel chair.  But I had to wait this long because I had no medical insurance. I had to hold off for Medicare. 
Finally, I had to find a doctor and the orthopaedic doctor I saw said, “well we cannot help you.” He said where do you want to go. I told him it would probably be Spokane. I know that I was directed to Dr. Reichard through prayer. I was horrified to even have the surgery. I knew 3 people with horror stories, so I had 2 years to dwell on the prospect of this. But the pain was getting to me and I knew before long, I would be in a wheel chair. 
Well, we meet with Dr. Reichard and he put me immediately at ease. The first time I met him, I knew he was the one. Like I said, he and his staff are the BEST.  I asked him if I could do both hips and he said normally that is something they do not do. However, in special cases, it could be done.  Well since I was in good medical condition and both hips were equally shot, he decided to do both at the same time.  I went through surgery. It went very well and when I woke up, the pain was gone. I was able to get up and walk the next day and even walked up the physical therapy stairs. All of the staff was very special. They were very professional, concerned, and made me feel comfortable.  I am so pleased with Dr. Reichard that after my six-week visit, I asked him if he would do my knee. That is open for discussion after my visit in June. I cannot wait. I recommend this doctor to anyone who has any issues with joints. He is so awesome and I believe that God is guiding him. Thank you, Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists, Dr. Reichard, staff, and Deaconess staff.  Thank you. Thank you. I WILL BE BACK" -- Julianne P.

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