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"I had a full knee replacement in January of 2013.  I remember little or nothing about my 4 days in the hospital, but according to my family, I kept them quite entertained.  As I was 68 years old and had no one at home to help me, I went to Touchstone on the south hill.  They told me that the average patient would be there for 10 days.  After the second day, I put in a request to go home. They released me and from that point on it was full speed ahead. I had very little pain and was comfortable driving after 8 days. My grandson took me to my post-op appointment (12 days after surgery) and was amazed at my progress.  She scheduled me for therapy but after 4 weeks of therapy (2 times a week), the therapist decided that I was up to par and only needed to come back if I experienced any problems.  I was told all the horror stories about knee replacement but am glad to say that for me it was a breeze.  I don't need anything done with my other knee but would not hesitate if I had to have it done.  Thank you to all at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists for making this such a pleasant and painless process!" -- Patti G.