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"I had never broken a hand before so I had no idea my right hand was broken. I treated my own hand with Ace bandage, heat, etc. When I started school this winter quarter and using my hand to take notes, write papers, and do homework, the hand actually swelled up like a club. I then had the hand x-rayed at the ER and found the metacarpal bone that holds my finger bone on my hand was totally sheered.

I was able to get in to see Dr. Horn, who said the easiest way to treat this injury is with a cast, as the middle finger and index finger were falling away from each other. Dr. Horn said he could do surgery by drilling a hole through my knuckle down through the metacarpal, and then place a rod down the hole. This procedure would cost a lot more money than a cast, plus expose the finger to infection. Which way do you want to me to proceed? I went with the cast. 6 weeks later, I have full range on my hand, still a little stiff but no pain. I have been told prior to the injury that Dr. Horn is the best hand surgeon in Spokane. I will say that's true and he did give me a choice." -- Rob M.

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