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"My mother, Ruth, is 92 years old. She fell on Thanksgiving and fractured her collarbone. She went to the ER and they determined she could go home, following their rehab instructions and doing a follow up with Dr. Wallace at your office in 2 weeks. Our family and the nursing staff where she lives worked with her and she followed everyone's instructions very well. Dr. Wallace did x-rays and tested her strength and agreed that she was recovering well. He was very gentle and caring with her, which we really appreciated. She is a very sweet woman, but does suffer from dementia and gets confused when questioned. We are always grateful when medical personnel are compassionate as Dr. Wallace was. She went back for a final follow up in January and since the healing process went well and she has not had any pain, we don't need to return. (Unless that changes of course.) Anything medical personnel (including receptionist, nurses and doctors) can do to humanize the experience and not treat patients like an income producing number is always noticed and appreciated by our family." -- Billie M. POA Ruth Y.

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