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"For the past year, I have experienced a lot of pain and muscle weakness in my legs and feet.  It started with a numb right shin and some tingling, which quickly progressed into acute pain. I had an MRI, which showed I had slippage in my L 4-5 and a growing cyst in the same area.  I had a cortisone shot in the spring, which relieved the acute pain but did not take away dull achy pain nor did it relieve other symptoms.  It did help, however. I recently moved back to eastern Washington after working in the Olympia area and was able to connect with Dr. Tohmeh in the fall.  He recommended a lumbar fusion and we made plans for surgery.  One important thing prior to surgery was working with physical therapy to regain some muscle strength, flexibility, and core strength building. I would recommend any patient prepare by getting stronger working with a physical therapist. I believe it helped my recovery. I had the lumbar fusion and the cyst removed several weeks ago and the relief from the pain and limited use of my legs has been remarkable. I have followed all the recommendations but more importantly have re-started physical therapy and have been active within my physical abilities after surgery. It is remarkable to be pain free after the past year's experience. I am very thankful for the surgical team I had and the care I received at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists." -- Mary S.

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