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"Five weeks ago, Dr. Wallace did surgery on my tibial plateau fracture. My physical therapists have been relatively pleased with my extension and bending - more pleased than I am. I can hardly wait the six more days until my next appointment with Dr. Wallace. He might give me permission to start bearing weight.  In the mean time, my scar looks pretty awesome, and my crutch-mobility has improved.  I do wish I had asked for or had been offered an application for handicapped parking permit/placard. My insurance has been a little difficult to deal with, and I do not yet know how all the bills will be worked out. There may be a long-term payment plan coming into play. Ask me again in another month and I hope to only have wonderful and positive comments to say. In the mean time, thanks for what looks like a great surgery and for the easy follow-up connections. Happy holidays to all." -- Mark W.

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