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"I had my right hip done in summer of 2007. It took a long time to get things moving, but I didn't hurt all that much. Last year, my left leg was giving me serious problems. Yes, I had twisted my ankle and my dog fractured my tibia, but that didn't cause my shin, knee and hip to hurt. I ended up asking for a handicapped tag for my car. In Dec. of 2012, I saw the previous PA again and was told I still had cartilage and I probably needed knee surgery.
The pain began to get worse. The kneecap felt like it was going into orbit at night. I stood up VERY carefully, because I never knew when my hip would buckle. I had asked around my clients and Dr. Danielson's name came up several times. So I asked for a transfer. After that things went FAST. There were no long waiting periods to see the doctor, and I saw the doctor not a PA. The same x-ray was used that had been taken by the prior physician and Dr. Danielson said that I didn't have any cartilage left and we should start with the hip. Luckily, I live alone so only my dogs were subjected to my yelps when I moved. I had never hurt that bad with the right hip.
Long story short, I first saw Dr. Danielson on April 9th. On the 19th, I got a call that they had a date for me on the 29th. 48 hours later, May 1st, on my 77th birthday, I went home. I no longer have the pain shooting down my shin. My knee is just fine. Thank you and my hip is trustworthy again. Even my chronic bursitis has simmered down a lot. I no longer need the handicapped tag or the pain pills! Thank you Dr. Danielson!" -- Karin O.