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What is a Bunion?

A bunion occurs when the big toe deforms and angles permanently towards the second toe, causing redness, irritation, and pain in the area. While some experts believe bunions are caused by improper footwear, others believe they are a genetic condition that is exacerbated by poor footwear. Contrary to popular belief, the “bump” on the side of the foot indicating a bunion isn’t an enlargement of the bone underneath; rather, it is typically just the head of the first metatarsal bone that has simply tilted sideways.

Treatment for Bunions

Conservative treatment approaches for bunions include the use of orthotics and more foot appropriate shoes. In some cases, surgery is required to correct the deformity. Currently, there are over one hundred types of bunion surgeries that can be performed. Prior to surgery, a foot surgeon will conduct a thorough examination to determine which procedure is best.

Bunion Correction with Scarf and Akin Osteotomy

Generally, bunion surgery will involve an incision to the side of the foot nearest the big toe. Then, the foot surgeon will remove or realign the soft tissue surrounding the bone, restoring the joint’s natural alignment. If the foot surgeon finds that the joint is deformed, screws, wires, and plates may be inserted to stabilize that area of the foot. Following bunion surgery, most pain is alleviated and tasks such as walking can continue comfortably.

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