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"I slipped on some ice covering the cement and broke my radial head of left elbow. I was seen in an urgent care clinic and they wanted me to follow up with their orthopaedic doctor. I told them I'd rather follow up with Dr. Kersten of Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists, which I did. I saw Dr. Kersten for a previous frozen shoulder injury and subsequent shoulder manipulation. I regained full use of my shoulder. I saw Tod Fleming, P.A.-C., for my elbow injury and have been given the most professional care. He told me that from x-rays, I had a very clean break and would not need surgery. He also told me he didn't want to place my arm in a cast due to my age, in which I could end up with a frozen elbow. I am grateful to not have had a cast or frozen joint. I attended physical therapy three times a week since the splint was removed. I also have progressed to gentle yoga twice a week as well as pool workouts. At my last visit, which was 8 weeks since break, Tod suggested that I needed to obtain a Mayo brace in order to gain more range of motion. I did get that from Pacific Medical and have worn for a few days now and my physical therapy is very pleased as I'm gaining motion. I will see Tod for a follow up appointment on March 31st. Hopefully, at that time my arm will have straightened and he will give the go ahead to lift with that arm as I'm anxious to return to work. I am very happy with my care at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists in regards to my broken elbow. Your staff has been very friendly and helpful in my healing process." -- Carol M.

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