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"I had left knee arthroscopic surgery a little over a week ago for two torn menisci and broken pieces of cartilage.  This is after two arthroscopic surgeries and a knee replacement on my right knee.  Because I am an adhesion builder, my recoveries haven't been the best.  However, my physical therapist loves to work on people who have had surgery by Russell VanderWilde because "the joints are so solid - not sloppy."  I was not looking forward to starting surgeries on my good knee because of my adhesion problems.  This time was different! After Dr. VanderWilde said he would do what he could to eliminate the chances of getting more adhesions and made me promise to do my exercises like I always do following surgery. I am having a fantastic result.  I have full range of motion and little discomfort. A few days following surgery, I was walking normally. A week later I started on my stationary bike (slowly).  I'm elated and full of gratefulness for Dr. VanderWilde and his staff." -- Pam W.

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