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"Like many other residents who are blessed to live in the beautiful Northwest, I take full advantage of engaging what is offered to us in the lakes, mountains, and Puget Sound. I re-tore my ACL in 2004 skiing the backcountry at Alta, Utah. My first surgery was in 1991, what now seems to be a prehistoric time given the rapid advances of medicine and surgical procedures. We moved to the northwest in 2005 and I continued to climb, mountain bike, play soccer, and tennis, all of which contributed to tearing of meniscus and cartilage. My knee was so lose by the time of my second re-construction that it literally shifted out of place when I relaxed. I was hesitant to go back but the chronic pain brought me to Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists and Dr. Kody, highly recommended by everyone I talked to at Gonzaga University. Coincidentally, I also teach a leadership and resilience course in the summer, where I lead my class on an experiential experience in climbing Mt. Adams. I feared that returning to surgery and long rehab would compromise my ability to climb Adams, Rainier, Whitney, or many other peaks in the northwest.

My experience with Dr. Kody was tremendous. He is a masterful listener, literally integrating rhetorical analysis in medicine to capture my thoughts and perceptions about my condition. He invited me into a partnership of how to approach my knee not for the sake of repairing a second ACL, but critically weighing the pros & cons of multiple approaches. I certainly opted for a second ACL repair with Dr. Kody after experiencing his relational approach and after learning about his continued interest and activities to improve in his surgery methods using best and evidence based practices. As an academic researcher, I felt assured and gained confidence in the fidelity of his services and surgical procedures, which contributed to taking the next step of surgery. The surgery and immediate recovery was no different. We routinely met throughout my rehabilitation, where he continued to partner with me on staging the recovery. Dr. Kody and his staff humanized the process and actively engaged me in taking ownership of my decision towards surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation. My gratitude to his service, obvious devotion, and commitment to his patients. Although I teach many campus bound courses at Gonzaga during the academic year, I look forward to returning to Mt. Adams with my students in the summer and to continue living an active lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Kody and all at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists, who have contributed to my journey." -- Adrian P.

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