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"I struggled with chronic pain in my hips for over 13 years. I had a previous hip surgery by another physician approximately a year before seeing Dr. Lynch. The surgery I had was very invasive and a long difficult recovery. I was left unable to do many things that I could do prior to surgery. Dr. Lynch performed arthroscopic surgery on my other hip and I walked out of the surgery center that day with minimal pain compared to my first one. Several months later, I had revision done on my first surgery by Dr. Lynch. My recovery was quick with minimal pain. I am a dancer and I was not able to dance for 2 1/2 years. I had difficulty walking up stairs or hills. I was unable to do yoga or kickboxing, which I love. Since my revision, I can do whatever I want free of pain! I lived with chronic hip pain and limited mobility for 15 years. I feel like a new woman and it feels good to be able to dance, run, and kick! I am forever grateful for Dr. Lynch and his exceptional surgical skills!" -- Brandi V.