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Staying Active While Staying Home

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and “Stay Home. Stay Safe” edicts have most of us working from home these days, Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists has tips for maintaining your workout routine (or starting a new one) now that gyms are closed, and you have additional time available.

Everyone is concerned about staying healthy and protected from the coronavirus — that can be achieved through staying at home, social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly, and disinfecting items that come into your home. But that’s not all required for maintaining your health.

Regular exercise, eating right, staying hydrated, reducing stress, and limiting alcohol use all play key roles in staying healthy, especially when the ability to travel is limited.

Have you noticed how much easier it is to open the fridge while working from home? Or, how nice that cocktail tastes in the middle of a stressful afternoon? Don’t let these temptations get the best of you.

If you think about it, you’ve probably never had a better opportunity to take care of yourself.

Tips to Maintain (or Start) Your Exercise at Home

1. Cardio from Anywhere

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With no need to commute to the office every morning, you can utilize that drive-time to get some exercise. A brisk early morning walk, run, or bike ride is perfect for addressing your cardio health. Throw on comfortable clothes and shoes and start moving. Twenty to thirty minutes of activity will set you up for the rest of your day and reduce stress at the same time. Plus, you want to make sure to keep in shape for Bloomsday this fall!

Not all cardio requires going outside. You can get cardio in your living room. There are multiple ways to incorporate HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) into your workouts that make an impact. Don't forget to properly warm up as you get started.


2. Add Resistance

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The gym has everything you need to push weights around, but not all resistance training requires a standard dumbbell. You can use various household items to add resistance. Some of those items might include books, gallon jugs, or canned foods. Any of those items can be thrown in a backpack and turned into an effective workout. It is time to get creative. You’ll be amazed at the cardiopulmonary benefits you’ll receive from 15 or 20 minutes of activity before your first Zoom conference.


3. Zoom Workout Classes

northwest orthopaedic specialists workout from home

Other ways to get your workout in so you don’t have to skip on your regular routine is online workout classes. Your local gym could be offering these and many others. If being a part of a class helps you stay motivated, then this is the option for you.

Your lunch break is also a great time to pull out a yoga mat and get active, maintaining your strength and flexibility. Yoga and stretching routines are proven stress relievers. There’s no better way to face another afternoon working from home than after a calming, yet empowering yoga workout.


4. Get the Kids Involved

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Usually, we think of an effective workout as at least 30 minutes of a structured routine involving specific movements, but working out can be any form of moving. With the kids being at home, there is no better time to get that “workout time” in place to keep everyone motivated and stress-free. These activities can be a family bike ride, walk, or even a dance party in the living room. It is Springtime, and it is time to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Nothing brings more peace and relaxation than being outside.

Build Healthy Routines Now

No question this COVID-19 disruption is an uncomfortable change to our routine. But it‘s also a fantastic opportunity to break bad habits and initiate new ones. Begin to make exercise a regular part of your life, so when “normal” times return, you’ll be physically and mentally better off.

If you’re an NWOS patient recovering from surgery or following a physical therapy routine, this “stay-at-home” time makes it easier than ever not to skip your therapy. Your recovery will go better and faster, too. If you have questions about making the most of your home PT, contact your therapist, or call one of NWOS' orthopedic specialists at 888-660-2663.


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