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After you and your doctor decide that surgery is the best treatment for your condition or injury, you may have a multitude of questions and concerns. Surgery is a major commitment because it affects your lifestyle for several weeks and sometimes months after surgery. Preparing for surgery can be overwhelming—but you can make it easier on yourself and on your family by being prepared and knowing what to expect.

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For questions about your surgery, call The Orthopaedic Surgery Center, 509-344-8672.

“This may sound kind of strange, but I very much enjoyed my experience with the Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists team. Everyone showed genuine compassion, and even the simplest questions were quickly answered. I was made to feel almost at home. Even my nurse cracked a few jokes with me. "When I got wheeled back to the operating room, I asked if I needed to count backward from 100 or anything. They said I could do whatever made me the most comfortable. I think I got to 96, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up in recovery. The splint was on my leg, and I felt quite good. Now, the splint is off, and I'm in a boot. Thank you to everyone who has taken care of me on this journey of physical and spiritual healing. I would most certainly recommend Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists to anyone who is in need of surgical care!!” — Jeff B.

“I am a runner and chronically rolled my ankle until I could not run anymore. After a long process of obtaining info about my ankle (X-rays and MRIs) and trying many non-invasive strategies (PT and cortisone shot) it was decided I would need surgery to detach, tighten and reattach a ligament and to clean up cartilage. Dr. Shirzad was calm, explained the procedure during surgery well, and was fantastic even post-surgery care with answering questions and hearing my concerns. He worked with me to help me reach my goal of running again. I would highly recommend Dr. Shirzad to anyone.” — Andra L.