Patient Story 1130

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"I waited...why is the question...If I would have only seen Dr. Olson after my injury happened, I may have not been in so much pain. Dr. Olson was amazing; from my first appointment, to my recent need to schedule an additional surgery, he has been personable, caring and thoughtful with my care plan. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to have my knee checked out. I fell off a chair lift and like most people; I figured it would just get better. ACL's don’t heal themselves. We scheduled surgery for November 2012. Being a typical female, I was racing to get as much done as possible the day of my surgery like a pedicure. I figured I wouldn’t be bending my leg for a while and I was late for surgery. You wouldn’t have known I was late. The team greeted me with open arms, calming my fears, and continued to take their time through the admission process. Everyone went over the top, making sure I was prepared, and having every question answered. Then Dr. Olson came to see me before surgery and continued to make me feel more confident in the process.

The next few days were a blur; the polar ice machine was my best friend! I completed my therapy and was still having some difficulty. My leg wasn’t going straight and I still had a fair amount of swelling. My brother-in-law is a physical therapist and feared after helping me continue to try to straighten my leg that I had a cyclops lesion. I immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Olson to share the concern and get an MRI. It was confirmed I had the lesion. I am scheduled for my next surgery November 15th and Dr. Olson assures me it is much easier than the previous surgery. He reminded me that my ACL is doing great and my body heals well. I am excited to have this corrected and to ski this year! A special thank you to Carrie Dr. Olson's office coordinator. She is amazing. She responds so quickly and is so helpful. I was able to schedule this surgery over email! Your entire team is awesome!" -- Kirsten C.

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